2018.04 – Update April – Developing and Empowering Others

Update Of Activities Carried Out In April –   “Empowerment Centered”

2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

I believe that we are called to develop and empower others for the good work and we see this in the life of Paul willing to develop Timothy.

Few people are born great leaders, but the majority of them can be developed and empowered to lead effectively. However, these people need someone to help them develop leadership skills. This has been my key focus whenever I start any projects in different places. So we do create leadership experiences for our people working and making them disciples so they have knowledge that can be passed on to the next generation of leaders for the wok to continue. I desire always not people to wait for me for work to be done effectively. All our programmes are centered on Helping people involved to take ownership of the our God given vision and encourage their sacrificial input and provide the accessible opportunities for them to serve effectively

The month of April was more intentional to develop and empower our people involved in different involvements. 2018 is our “year of creativity” and we believe that creativity comes more from being exposed to trainings. I have been asking each person to train those working with to rise into servant leadership.

By God’s grace and your prayers in the month of April we exposed:

  1. 7 teachers at Makululu “Community Based Education Empowerment – CBEE and 2 Obedient Girls and Boys leaders to teaching methodologies and leadership skills and we normally give certificate of attendance
  2. 12 Makwati Obedient Girls and Boys to servant leadership skills
  3. 181 parents to parenting leadership skills
  4. Our 3 projects mobilizers leaders in three provinces Copperbelt, Luapula and Lusaka

We will continue developing and empowering people working with us.

I would like to update you also that through your prayers and support we had three successful feeding programmes. 2 in Makululu and 1 in Makwati communities. We fed 960 children and 120 young people. And Makwati Obedient Girls and Boys had a successful outreach with a vision of winning their fellow youths for Jesus while sharing with them our projects budges

How you can pray for us:

  • Let’s praise God for His faithfulness
  • Praise that God will continue developing and empowering his servant leaders amongst the people we are working with
  • Pray for 3 feeding programmes in this month in three communities
  • We are still teaching children outside since the small old house at our center in Makululu is too small. Continue praying God to provide funds to build 1 by 2 classroom. I believe together we can provide a high community based quality educational learning environment for children from poverty backgrounds by building a new school for them

On behalf of hundreds of children, youths and parents thank you again for your many prayers and support toward our God given global mission

Together in His service

God’s Missionary To All Nations

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