JIFAN’s Artistic Biography and Profile

  • Sex: Male
  • Birth Names: Lazarous Chongo ; Date of Birth: 15/01/83
  • Chosen name as an artist: JIFAN (Jesus Is For All Nations)]
  • Family: I am the youngest child in a family of 5 brothers and 4 sisters. My family all follow Jesus Christ and strive to grow in their Christian faith, for this I thank God continually. I was born in a town called Mufulira in the Copperbelt province of Zambia but currently live in Kabwe found in central Zambia.
  • Education: I completed my primary and secondary education at Morokoso Primary and Secondary School. I have also completed missiology, community development, leadership, whole life coaching and social studies courses.
  • Marital Status: Not yet married, but God has someone for me who shares this vision for God’s work, she will help me in completing God’s mission for our lives.
  • When did I became a Christian? I was ‘Born Again’ on the 15/02/97 at 5pm, however it was not until the 19/10/08 that God called me to work for His worldwide mission.
  • Who am I? My life is all about Jesus and His work. I am God’s missionary to any community. He puts me in and to any people he surrounds me with, I am always ready to go anywhere He sends me. Since I was called into missions I have served in my country Zambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Brazil.
  • How did I find myself in the music industry? Since God called me into missions, my life’s goal has been to see all the people of the world hear the Good News about Jesus Christ and be saved, worshiping only Him. The vision of my life is part of God’s vision, to see his people reconciled to him through His son Jesus Christ. I looked for ways in which I could reach these people and discovered that 80% of the world’s population are music or sport lovers. Using Music and Sport as platforms to preach the gospel I have been able to reach many more people with the Good News of Jesus.
  • What is my objective in the music industry? To allow as many people as possible to hear the gospel, encouraging them to be obedient disciples of Jesus. I want to see true worship being established in all nations of the world. My music career was born out of my missionary calling and so it is simply a means of spreading the gospel. That is why all JIFAN songs are free for everyone, you are welcome to support my work through donations, but will not have to pay to listen to any of my music. If anyone has my songs, I encourage you to share them with everyone that you can for no charge. The only motive behind every song I compose is to make God known everywhere – That is why my artist name is ‘JIFAN’.
  • When did I start making music? I made my first song on the 25/05/09 in a studio called Gaza Records with a producer named Chibesa Kaluba. The song was called ‘No Jesus, No Life’ and since then I have been recording Gospel music from many different studios.
  • Do I have Albums? Making albums has never been a big goal for me as I have no desire to sell music. I have simply been composing songs and uploading them onto ‘free download’ websites so that people can access them without charge but i do pay websites owners to upload my music. I also send my songs to radio stations so that they can be broadcasted there. However I am currently compiling my first album which will also be available for free, it will be called ‘Pala Pala Yesu’ which means ‘be like Jesus’ or ‘Imitate Jesus’.
  • What is my greatest desire? My greatest desire is to see lives and communities transformed positively for God’s glory.
  • Target Audience: Saved sinners and lost sinners, encouraging them all to submit their lives to Jesus and live for him, and hence receive life in all its fullness.
  • My Focus: My focus has been on JESUS and shall be on JESUS. Loving God and all people groups near and far both in my words, actions and living.