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Welcome to BE INVOLVED Missional Centered Devotion International

BE INVOLVED has the vision of bringing people, from all over the globe, back to God through repentance and faith in Jesus. Furthermore BE INVOLVED aims to encourage believers to become more Christ-like as they take on each new day.

Matthew 28:18-20
Remember it is God’s desire that everyone should hear about Jesus and the hope, life, joy and peace found in Him.





I began this initiative on the 4th of March 2015 in an effort to be obedient to God’s Word and because I believe it was a work he was calling me to do. It is a great privilege for me to announce that through Facebook, Email, BBM, and WhatsApp over 16.8 million people are now reading these devotions, people from all over the world. It is exciting to see God use this project, but also incredibly humbling, all I’ve done is try to be obedient. I believe that through these devotions more and more people are becoming Jesus’ disciples and hence becoming involved with his work and mission. Through obedience to God the vision for BE INVOLVED has been, and will be, two things:

  • To help people come to God in repentance and put their faith in Him.
  • To help those who already put their trust in Christ to become more and more like Him in their obedience and in the way they live.

I pray that over time these devotions will bring individuals into a fuller understanding of God’s work and our mission here on earth – to spread the Good News. These individuals will then inspire others to do the same and soon whole groups and churches will be mobilized into doing work for God’s mission all over the world. This mission will not be complete until every nation, tribe and tongue has heard about the hope that we have. These devotions are being sent out to help people become part of this misson no matter where they are and no matter what their resources. I also pray that through this initiative I would be able to point anyone who wants to do a discipleship/missiology course to a good bible centered school.

I believe that through the Holy Spirit, I am, YOU can and together WE can BE INVOLVED in Gods mission. God richly bless you all and may you always remember that obedience is better than sacrifice

1) The goals for BE INVOLVED, a mission centered daily devotion are:
  • to mobilize ourselves and others to be involved into God’s mission
  • to share ideas and strategies about how we might be involved in God’s mission
  • to help us mobilize our local churches to be involved in God’s mission
  • to equip us in praying for the nations (Mark 11:17)
  • to share how you started and continue developing obedient disciples of Jesus Christ and how you instill in them a passion for God, a passion for people and a passion to serve (Matthew 28:19)
  • to point one another to schools and colleges that offer discipleship/missions/theology/bible courses for whoever wants to do one
  • to share the spiritual/physical burdens of the world and our local churches so that together we can pray for them
  • to facilitate you in encouraging others with stories of your involvement in God’s mission
  • to help each other develop a passion for God, a passion for people and a passion to serve God wherever we are
  • to equip people enabling them to OBEY God’s Word and his calling to the
2) BE INVOLVED authors:

All you who believe in Christ Jesus have the opportunity to write these mission centered devotions, simply ask and your devotion will be sent out to all the readers. On behalf of all the BE INVOLVED readers around the world I would like to thank all the supporters and the following authors for their efforts and sacrifices. I assure all you authors and supporters that you are part of God’s global mission by your involvement in writing these daily devotions. God richly bless you and your families. The current Authors names are written by their initials for good reason:

  • PE – UK
  • SDB – Zimbabwe
  • MNL – USA
  • AC – Cameroon
  • SM – Germany
  • DT – Cameroon
  • AM – Germany
  • SN – Zambia
  • JM – USA
  • NM – Germany
  • RH – Zimbabwe
  • SM – Germany
  • MC – Zimbabwe
  • JS – Namibia
  • STEFMA – Germany
  • IM – Zambia
  • GHM – Zambia
  • GB – Italy
  • MI – Germany
  • SMLK – UK
  • JIFAN – Zambia (It is JIFAN God used to start BE INVOLVED)

Would like you to write some BE INVOLVED devotions? If you would, please don’t hesitate in contacting me (JIFAN).

3) GOD’S mission:

Here are some biblical accounts of God’s mission: Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:44-49 & John 20:19-23. Remember, the Bible is all about God’s mission to save us and for us to be involved by allowing him to use us, from Genesis to Revelation.


On Earth we have three types of people:

  1. Those who call themselves Christians because they have called upon the name of Jesus.
  2. Those who have heard about Jesus but refuse to follow Him or have heard about Him but have not yet been shown how to live for Him.
  3. Those who have never heard about Jesus because nobody has preached about Jesus to them.

When someone is dying or leaving us, his or her last words are very important. Jesus left the disciples with these finals words: I have all power and authority; you are to make disciples of all nations baptizing them in my name and teaching them to follow me; I will be with you always (Matthew 28:18-20). Here Jesus sends his disciples to every nation whereas before Jesus only sent them to the jews. Their mission from now on would be worldwide. Jesus is lord of all the earth, and he died for the sins of people from all nations (JIFAN – Jesus Is For All Nations).  We are to go whether it is next door or another country and make disciples of Jesus. We are to go to every village, town, city and country making disciples; this is not an option but a command to all those who call Jesus their lord and saviour. We are not all evangelists or missionaries or teachers or pastors in the formal sense, but we have all received gifts and talents that we can use to further God’s mission. As we obey, we have comfort in the knowledge that Jesus is always with us.

4) Be involved

You can be involved in God’s mission by:

  • Praying (Matthew 9:37-38)
  • Going (Matthew 28:19)
  • Mobilizing others to be involved (Timothy 2:2)
  • Sending and supporting workers (Romans 10:15)
  • Giving to workers and ministries meeting their needs (Matthew 6:21)

Always remember that “in the past God used someone to bring Jesus to YOU. So what are YOU doing now to bring Jesus to those who have never heard about him?” Be willing to put your YES permanently on the table when it comes to God’s calling upon your life.

5) Pray:
  • That many people from all nations will turn to God in repentance and put their faith in Jesus Christ
  • That many individuals, groups of people and Churches will be involved in God’s mission through BE INVOLVED and its mission centered devotions
  • That God would give encouragement, wisdom, knowledge, guidance, provision and his Holy Spirit to all BE INVOLVED’s Authors and Supporters
  • That God will continue providing the resources necessary to share the BE INVOLVED devotions on a daily basis (I spend USD45 monthly on mobile internet so that I can send these devotions)
6) Founder’s conviction:

I, Lazarous Mankel Chongo (JIFAN), believe that everyone who believes in Christ Jesus can be involved into God’s mission – right NOW.