Community Based Education Empowerment (CBEE)

Together Transforming Lives and Communities Through Holistic  Education

“What’s the Government? Who is the Government? In my belief and deep practical conviction I am the the Government, you are the Government and together we are the Government. Therefore, we must be the solutions to the needs of people and their communities” – JIFAN

Together let’s aim to reduce the high number of what are known as “out of school” children in Zambia, through our “community based education empowerment” (CBEE). This initiative supports our country’s universal primary education goals and aims to increase access to quality education for children and young people

A lot of children and young people of primary-school age do not attend school in our underprivileged communities in Zambia such as Makululu, Makwati, Kaputula, Katondo, Kamushanga, Nakoli, and many more according to our practical research. Poverty and low income families have really contributed much to this situation

One of our holistic approaches focuses on helping children and young people integrate into community based education and skills development for parents so that they can in turn start supporting their children and promoting community capacity building initiatives. Together, let’s seek to drastically provide free basic education to children and young people for positive community sustainable  transformation for God’s glory

Community Based Education Empowerment (CBEE) – Programme in Makululu, Kabwe

I am very happy that we allowed 270 children and 60 obedient boys and girls to be involved in our Makululu “community based education empowerment” CBEE and 95% of these children and young people have never been to school and others stopped due financial challenges. They are doing well and have become more confident in their lives. I am proud of them and they are becoming role models to their siblings and other young people in Makululu community, which is the largest unplanned settlement in Zambia and Southern Africa. Continue praying for these teachers as they are serving hundreds of children and young people by faith.

Pray that our “One Tree Children Center – 1TCC”, may it be a place where we love to learn and where we learn to love, a place of great discovery, adventure and creativity. A place where everyone is respected and all are deeply valued regardless of each other’s background or current situation. You can read about the development of 1TCC at:

Pray to God to provide money for building permanent structures such as a learning building since the one we are currently using is too small and not good for teaching/learning purposes.

Be blessed  and thank you so much for your prayers and support,


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