Emotional Empowerment

As JIFAN Association we help people to identify, understand, control and assess their emotions and those of others. We believe that when a person is emotionally empowered, he or she will be responding to his or her emotions with acceptance, peace and balance. Emotions can work for us or against us, so JIFAN Association emotional empowerment strategy is centered on helping people know how to control their emotions so that it can work for them positively.

The following seven (7) emotional empowerment strategies are being tested. We share and expose people to them:

1) To think what’s good
We do encourage people to focus on thinking on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy so for them to develop positive emotions.

2) To be vulnerable
We encourage people to be willing to share their failures as well as your successes.

3) To spend more time with good people
We do encourage people to spend more time with good people because people we spend time with have a huge impact in our emotions either positive or negative.

4) To be thankful
We encourage people to be practicing gratitude because this attracts positive emotions which leads to happiness and increased well-being.

5) To be responsible
We encourage people to take responsibility over their emotions because they are the ones that will be accountable from results of their actions not other people.

6) To be themselves and inspire others
We encourage people to love themselves as they are in body shape, colour and personality while inspiring others because self-acceptance is the main root of positive emotional empowerment.

7) To avoid negativity
We do encourage people to avoid negative feelings such grudge, resentment, and remorse.