Empowering Musicians

Musicians Empowerment

As JIFAN Association we have discovered that musicians face two major challenges:
(1) Identity and
(2) Money to help them record songs, promote them and building fan base that can support them.

  • IDENTITY: Musicians like to change their music style to gain a fan base in a particular area, but we have been encouraging and mentoring them to realize who they are, what they can do, and what they want to do through their music career. We do advise them to find a label that will give them freedom to record the music they want. We focus more on encouraging them to work hard to stay motivated while developing within their field of interest.

“You don’t have to change your music style in order to gain a fan base, just find another fan base that appreaciates your real music style” – JIFAN

  • MONEY: One of the biggest challenges Musicians face is money. They need money to record good songs, promote them, build a fan base to support them and organizing shows. Their music need to touch people who like them and support them financially.

We believe that musicians can change our lives and bring positivity into our communities if they are empowered within their music styles. As JIFAN Association, we have been helping Musicians whenever God blesses us with finances and these beneficiaries are in seven  (7) categories:

1) Song Artwork and Song Upload (SASU)
We help these Musicians pay for Song Artwork and Song Upload.

2) Recording Fee, Song Artwork and Song Upload (RFSASU)
We help these musicians pay for Recording Fees, Song Artwork and Song Upload.

3) Song Upload (SU)
We help these Musicians pay for Song Upload.

4) Education
We help musicians within a few guidelines that we believe apply to everyone trying to make it in a music career or Industry.

5) Video Attire
We help musicians with video shoot attire, mostly t-shirts. Especially when they are doing their regional musical projects e.g cypher. These t-shirts have JIFAN Association’s logo and their project’s title.

6) JIFAN Free Beats
We provide different FREE BEATS without the JIFAN logo – Jesus Is For All Nations (we use only the studio and producers logos). These free beats are given to all artists; we encourage all artists to record messages to these beats that bless not curse, that build life not destroy it, to promote peace not violence, to encourage good morals not bad, to motivate and inspire for doing what is right. You can find JIFAN Free Beats to download by following this link: https://zambianmusicblog.co/?s=jifan+free+beat

7) Connections
We do connect musicians to different platforms and opportunities that can help them become more effective in their music career or Industry.