A family is not all about its house building, money, car and other material possessions, it is its family members. If we, as a family, have to become empowered, the first thing we must do is to empower the family members.

Empowerment is not all achieving more material possessions. It’s all about empowering people and  people empowering communities.

Our empowerment programmes:

  1. Community Based Education Empowerment (CBEE)
  2. Parents Empowerment Fellowship (PEF)
  3. Small Business Empowerment (SBE)

Our empowerment  programmes are centered on seven aspects of life, the SEEFIPS:

  1. Spiritual Empowerment
  2. Emotional Empowerment
  3. Environmental Empowerment
  4. Financial Empowerment
  5. Intellectual Empowerment
  6. Physical Empowerment
  7. Social Empowerment