Environmental Empower-ment

As JIFAN Association we understood that environment is a place given to us by God, where humans, plants and animals live and it’s our responsibility to keep it clean and safe. We remind people that it is necessary to keep our environment clean. The fact is an environment which is unclean and unsafe is a dangerous environment and promotes the presence of diseases which causes more deaths. JIFAN Association vision is centered on creating wealthier, healthier and safer lives and communities. Therefore, we do encourage people practically to play the right role towards keeping the environment clean, green and healthy. We normally share seven (7) practical ways to help people create and develop a wealthier, healthier and safer environment:

1) Avoid littering
We remind people not to throw away trash or waste materials everywhere because this action can negatively affect people and destroy the entire global environment

2) Reduce burning carbon
We remind people where possible to reduce bush and wood burning, and lower the temperature of their water heater, wash dishes manually instead of using a dishwasher, reduce the use of air conditioner or heater and buy energy efficient lights to lower the energy consumption and heat generation level.

3) Recycle waste
We encourage people that waste products such as plastic, aluminum, glass, and paper can be recycled instead of been disposed of and this will prevent any air pollution from burning these products.

4) Reduce usage of chemicals
We encourage people to eliminate high usage of chemicals and pesticides that directly pollute the green environment.

5) To use the right electrical appliances
We encourage people to buy appliances/machines that are not only environmentally friendly but energy efficient too.

6) Plant trees
We remind people to plant trees because they are our main source of oxygen and they do their part in keeping our environment clean.

7) To remind others
We mobilize people to mobilize others toward keeping our environment clean and safe.