Intellectual Empowerment

As JIFAN Association we provoke and mobilize people to be involved in thinking critically and understand this generation has access to lots of information and new ideas. We do this by encouraging people to value any form of good education. We help people understand that education opens more opportunities which enables them to fulfil their God given purposes in life. With the help of education, people will be able to differentiate between good and bad, and right and wrong and it will lead them to the right, proper and straight health direction toward success. We believe that everyone has the right to education and this needs to be supported by each of us because education is fundamental to holistic development and growth. It’s very sad when we see across the world millions of children and young people are out of school.

See our programme “Community Based Education Empowerment (CBEE)”

Our support to vulnerable children and young people and those with deep visible needs toward education are centered on seven (7) key areas:

1) Praying For Learners (PFL)
We pray for the education of children and young people.

2) Building Relationships (BR) 
We value building relationships with the learners, parents/guardians, community support groups and their schools, and this helps us to identify the need.

3) Parents/Guardians Involvement (PGI) 
We encourage parents and guardians to do their role by supporting the education of their children.

4) Financial Support (FS) 
We support vulnerable children and young people through the support from individuals, team members, professionals, community members, from other parents/guardians, and other supporters.

5) Encouraging Learners (EL)
We encourage children and young people to start school and to work hard at school.

6) Raising Fees (RF) 
We encourage learners and their parents/guardians to come up with good innovative ways to raise money for their application fees, school fees, additional tuition fees, test fees and other school supplies not to wait for the support from others.

7) Save For Education (SFE) 
We encourage parents/guardians to save money for their children’s education and children to save whenever they have money.