JIFAN Activities in Copperbelt Province


Copperbelt Province is one of the biggest provinces in Zambia which covers the mineral-rich, and farming and bush areas to the south. Copper is mined at Ndola and also at Chambishi, Kalulushi, Chililabombwe, Mufulira, Chingola, Kitwe, and Luanshya, all of which are connected by road, railway, and air. Other minerals mined include cobalt and uranium. Industries produce beverages, metal products, batteries, chemicals, wire and cable, cement, and textiles. Area 12,096 square miles (31,328 square km) and it is informally referred to at times as ‘Kopala’, implying to the vernacular-like term of the mineral copper that is mined in the province.

What are we doing in Copperbelt Province?

Currently we are more involved into developing young people mostly through music and sharing the word of God with athletes within this province while expanding our involvements in line with our vision.

We have done 27 music projects so far in this province in which 216 musicians featured and impacted by our positive messages and we have sponsored 7 musicians. And we do have projects every month.

We are sharing the word of God with sports teams within this province and providing mentorship to individuals.

Although this province has more families that are living in poverty, we have started “Parents Empowerment Fellowship – PEF” only with 12 parents in Chililabombwe and trusting God to empower them and praying to include 88 to meet 100 which has been the target in every province.

Pray for Prisca who is the leader in this province. And pray that God will provide money to buy land for the activities such as sports, children center, discipleship meetings, recording studio and Community Based Education Empowerment – CBEE.

We desire to have 7 activities centers in each province for effectiveness as we get closer to where people are living. Matthew 28:19

We will keep you updated on our NEWS  page.