JIFAN Activities in Luapula Province


Luapula Province is one of Zambia’s ten provinces, and is located in the north of the country Zambia. The provincial capital is Mansa. Luapula Province was named after the Luapula River. Fishing and farming are the main economic activities of the population in Luapula Province. An estimated 65% of the people in the province are directly or indirectly involved in the fishing industry. Cassava is the main food crop grown. The other crops grown are maize, tea, millet, and groundnuts.

What are we doing in Luapula Province?
  1. We are involved into children and young people development mostly through sports, music and community involvements. We are working with under 7, 14, 17, 20 and 35 young people.
  2. Parents Empowerment Fellowship – PEF. This Province has alot of families that need to be encouraged and empowered because Luapula has the highest percentage of population living in poverty. Our empowerment formula has been “One Child, One Youth And One Family At A Time”. We have been encouraging them to be working hard and investing in different economic ventures such as fishing industry, farming and small market and home businesses like selling tomatoes, maize, home made peanut better just to mention a few. Due to financial problems a lot of children and young people don’t go to school. A lot of the Village Communities need “Community Based Education Empowerment – CBEE” which creates free education platform for all children and young people. Let’s pray for these strategies as we expanding.

Let’s continue praying for Lazarous Chola who is the leader in this province,