JIFAN Activities in Lusaka Province


Lusaka Province is one of Zambia’s ten provinces. The provincial capital is Lusaka, which is also the national capital. It is the smallest with 21,896 km2. In terms of population, Lusaka was the most populated and most densely populated with a population of 2,191,225 and density of 100 persons per km2 as of 2010. It is the most urban province and bordered along Zimbabwe and separated by the Lower Zambezi National Park.

What are we doing in Lusaka Province?

Currently we are more involved into developing young people mostly through music and sharing the word of God with athletes within this province while expanding our involvements in line with our vision. Lusaka has a lot of young people and it is our opportunity to develop many of them.

We have done 32 music projects so far in this province in which 256 musicians featured and impacted by our positive messages and we have sponsored 17 musicians. And we do have projects every month.

We are sharing the word of God with sports teams and children living on streets within this province and providing mentorship to individuals and teams.

Lusaka has underpreveraged families that are living in poverty and we have started “Parents Empowerment Fellowship – PEF” only with 12 parents and trusting God to empower them and praying to include 88 to meet 100 which has been the target in every province.

Pray for Nandi who is the leader in this province. And pray that God will provide money to buy land for the activities such as sports, children center, discipleship meetings, recording studio and Community Based Education Empowerment – CBEE.

We desire to have 7 activities centers in each province for effectiveness as we get closer to where people are living. Matthew 28:19

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