JIFAN Quotes

“I make disciples whose primary goal is obedience. These disciples I then send to disciple others, so many more may have the same priorities. I do this to see God’s kingdom come.” – JIFAN

“I am a steward of God. The money he gives me must be invested, not in banks, but in people and their communities.”- JIFAN

“If you love the world and its pleasures more than Christ, it will pass away, and take you with it” – JIFAN

“Don’t think about and feel just your own stomach, rather bring to mind those around you and feel their stomachs. Satisfy them as you would your own.” – JIFAN

“Keep persevering in the face of your hardships, for that is the road to great success.” – JIFAN

“Who really makes the difference in how our country is run? Is it really the government? It is my deep conviction that I am the Government. You are the Government and together we really determine how well our country runs. Therefore, let us step up and be the solutions to the needs of people and their communities” – JIFAN

“One of my greatest desires is to be a part of a compassionate community
where no child goes to bed with an empty stomach” – JIFAN

“The compassionate amongst us will know that there are million opportunities to help those in need if you are willing to open your eyes to them.” – JIFAN

‘Whatever you are given to do, do it in such a way that it honours and glorifies God’ – JIFAN

“Many people can name all the Zambia Super league team or every UEFA Champions League team, yet can’t even recall the Apostles of the four gospels.” – JIFAN

“If we are truly disciples of Jesus then no matter how full our schedule is, we are to make space for our own personal discipleship and for the discipling of others so that together we can hear and obey the call of Christ in our lives more completely.” – JIFAN

“I will continue sacrificing my life the very end, even my last bit of money, to save lives for God’s Glory. I am only giving back to him what he has given. If I perish, I perish.” – JIFAN

“I am a catalyst of change in the community. I am an agent of improvement in the lives of those around me and beyond. My friend’s, what are you?” – JIFAN

“Show others in all you do how to impact others positively so that they in turn can multiply your impact.” – JIFAN

“Radical commitment to your vision overcomes every obstacle. A great man, is simply an average man with laser like focus.” – JIFAN

“Many parents/guardians go to sleep every night not knowing how they will find food to feed their children/dependants tomorrow” – JIFAN

“Regardless of any pressure or ridicule you may face in this world, put God first in all you do” – JIFAN

“If you are blessed, you are blessed not for the purpose of living more lavishly but for the purpose of blessing others” – JIFAN

“You don’t have to change your music style in order to gain a fan base, just find another fan base that appreaciates your real music style” – JIFAN

“Jesus Christ is the greatest valentine’s gift you could ever give or receive!” – JIFAN

“Children are very precious in the eyes of Jesus. They are treasures too. They are worthy. Some may malignantly argue and viciously disagree with the above mentioned facts. But multitudes of parents fully agree with me wholeheartedly.  Let’s transform, develop and mobilize them now for God’s kingdom” – JIFAN

“In this world we have too many hoarders of wealth, and few who give from their wealth and thus so many in poverty are not relieved. Be a giver, not a horader of wealth” – JIFAN

“When I have, I seek first to give to who is in need” – JIFAN

“If God gives us more wealth, let’s be compassionate, build God’s kingdom, and keep less so we can give more to people in need and their suffering communities.” – JIFAN

“True riches are found in Christ Jesus, not in your worldly possessions” – JIFAN

“I desire to do mission, NOT the prestige and honour of being called a missionary.” – JIFAN

“Your value is not measured by how much you earn, but how much someone is willing to pay. Someone has paid. Jesus Christ gave his life for you on the cross” – JIFAN

“In this world there is truth, and many lies. What you choose to believe shapes who you become. If you want freedom stop believing the lies that you have no value because you don’t have material possessions and start believing God’s truth about you.” – JIFAN

“Forgiveness has the power to create more room for love.” – JIFAN

“Don’t let failure discourage you and don’t give in to negative thinking.” – JIFAN

“To reach your life goals, never even think of giving up every time life gets hard.” – JIFAN

“Be quick to embrace a challenge, a problem, or a failure as an opportunity to learn and build your character.” – JIFAN

“Never let fame, success or money affect the person whom God created you to be” – JIFAN

“Is what people see on stage a true refection of who you are off stage?” – JIFAN

“Artists, it is our role to positively influence the culture and bring the new ideas that humanity so desperately needs.” – JIFAN

“Every great achievement begins as a seed in the mind. Dream It! See It! Plan It! Schedule It! Work It! Achieve It and Share It” – JIFAN

“When you dream of good success, dream also for your family and for others.” – JIFAN

“Be realistic with what you do and have, focusing on what you enjoy, as you seek influence the world.” – JIFAN

“People don’t fund people, they fund vision backed by passion.” – JIFAN

“For you to make a positive difference, and possibly a living, apply your gifts and talents fully to the world” – JIFAN

“Enjoy a life of doing good things that others are too afraid to do.” – JIFAN

“If you are blessed, you are blessed not for the purpose of living more lavishly but for the purpose of blessing others” – JIFAN

“It’s not so complicated to make children happy. Let raising happy children be one of your main concerns” – JIFAN

“Communication tells whether your relationship with someone lives or dies. No communication, No relationship” – JIFAN

“Shifting the focus away from your needs to other’s is the beginning of all happiness” – JIFAN

“Let’s desire to follow Jesus daily wherever he leads, even if he leads us to death for His glory” – JIFAN

“Be committed to believe in Jesus, to follow Him, and to obey Him” – JIFAN

“God called us and blessed us to be a blessing to all the nations” – JIFAN

“The ultimate goal of your blessing is that others would be blessed through you for God’s glory” – JIFAN

“Refuse to give the gift that costs you nothing” – JIFAN

“Following Jesus has real eternal advantages in Life” – JIFAN

“Quality Planning + Quality Investment + Quality Time = Quality Project” – JIFAN

“Thank you so much Jesus for the unconditional excess love you have for me” – JIFAN

“The secret to happiness is seeking first the joy of others rather than your own.” – JIFAN

“Don’t underestimate yourself or undervalue your music because it is not played on the radio.” – JIFAN

“Let us choose to follow Jesus, every day, wherever he leads. Even if he leads us to carry our cross for his glory.” – JIFAN

“Choose to trust in God, to wait for his timing and to follow his leading.” – JIFAN

“God called us and blessed us to channel his blessing to all the nations.” – JIFAN

“The ultimate goal of your blessing is God’s glory. He blesses you so that all people might be blessed through you.” – JIFAN

“God gives you all you need when you have a willingly obedient heart.” – JIFAN

“I desire to be bigger, better and greater in generous giving.” – JIFAN

“Sharing and caring are always the best ways of treating others.” – JIFAN

“Lead others by inspiring them through your consistently good actions and decisions.” – JIFAN

“If you have lost hope, your fulfilment, your vision or direction, if you feel you have no significance or opportunities: turn to Jesus Christ and you will find everything you need Him alone.” – JIFAN

“Let us, by working together, find and restore people who have lost God and hence lost their life.”- JIFAN

“Let your burning passion be living like Jesus and making others his disciples.” – JIFAN

“Constantly surrender everything you have to Jesus.” – JIFAN

“Regardless of the pressure you experience, choose to stay pure in this crooked and perverse world. Then you will be the salt and light of your communities.”- JIFAN

“Our preaching must be centered on the Word of God, encouraging discipleship and mission.” – JIFAN

“Respond to God’s call, don’t waste time. He is calling you right now!” – JIFAN

“God sees your willingness to sacrifice, and your consistency in doing so, as you partake in his work of global salvation.” – JIFAN

“Be focused, strive to always remember the mission to which God commissioned you. Avoid all the activities that hinder you, and enjoy all those that help you in achieving that mission.” – JIFAN

“I am convinced that poverty can only be tackled through the combined efforts of the government and the people. A lasting solution can only be achieved by working together towards a brighter future.” – JIFAN

“I am confident that all the principles needed for a truely successful life come from God.” – JIFAN

“Desire to become like Jesus in heart, character, and lifestyle.” – JIFAN

“To be very successful, you must learn to improve peoples lives by finding a solution to the problems they face.” – JIFAN

“Do the good things that nobody else will do” – JIFAN

“Your desire to succeed must be always more powerful than your fear of trying.” – JIFAN

“Desire to help others without any expectation of a return.” – JIFAN

“Your attitude towards your problem and how you treat it, determines the outcome.” – JIFAN

“A good attitude, leads to good behaviors and greater success in your life.” – JIFAN

“Do everything without complaining, arguing or criticising, instead take responsibility.” – JIFAN

“Success starts with a burning desire to succeed.” – JIFAN

“Choose not to be lazy but rather work to push toward the goals that bring greater life.” – JIFAN

“Be passionate and enthusiastic about your work, don’t work just for money alone.” – JIFAN

“You need to master the skills and become the best in your field in order to be consulted in season and out of season.” – JIFAN

“As you work for what is good, choose not only to do what is convenient, but also what is complicated or difficult.” – JIFAN

“In order to make your dreams come true, commit yourself to wake up early, break the status quo, and work extra hard” – JIFAN

“Just as your phone battery needs to be charged, be sure to charge yourself with positive thoughts and emotions to improve the lives of those around you” – JIFAN

“When you become a goals oriented person, everything you do will be focused. Laziness is replaced by productiveness you will make things happen rather than things just happening to you.” – JIFAN

“It is very difficult to live an organised and proactive life, without a clear goal to strive for.” – JIFAN

“You will be easily distracted by others if you don’t don’t choose the direction you want your life to take.” – JIFAN

“To make tomorrow’s dreams possible, choose today to believe the impossible.” – JIFAN

“Ensure you are working on the right thing, no matter how hard you work on the wrong thing, it will always produce the wrong fruit.” – JIFAN

“Everyone has 24 hours, but not everyone sees the same success. It takes timely and strategic action to produce great success.” – JIFAN

“Fostering determination and choosing to never give up as you work to improve the life of yourself and others will be what brings sustainable success.” – JIFAN

“You will be easily distracted by others if you don’t choose the direction you want your life to take.” – JIFAN