Parents Empowerment Fellowship (PEF)

Business Helps To Fight Poverty

Empowering parents to play an active role in their children’s educational success and community development. When parents are empowered, their children and communities will be empowered too.

I believe together we can empower parents,

Parents Empowerment Fellowship (PEF) – Programme in Makululu, Kabwe

We are empowering 100 parents in Makululu to start small businesses so that they can be supporting their families.The group meets once a week to exchange ideas and support each other.

Let’s pray for this poverty alleviation strategy and for the parents involved in this programme.

I believe together we can promote empowerment of low income parents in achieving poverty eradication, social and small business integration for God’s glory. Pray for them as they are growing in the word of God and life skills we are teaching them. Let’s transform, develop and mobilize Makululu community HOLISTICALLY

Be blessed,