Afumba 3 Days “Community Empowerment Fellowship – CEF”

As JIFAN Association we have rearseched practically that communities that are empowered become agents of sustainable development. We believe that empowerment is a systematic process of building capabilities of individuals and community’s opportunities. We are empowering individuals and communities to be able to participate fully in our 7 Life-Community sustainable developmental projects. In Afumba community of Western province we are empowering communities to become change agents, with the use of our different 7 empowerment strategies. We just finished “Community Empowerment Fellowship – CEF” in Luampa District, Afumba community in Western province. We had 12 teams in total; 4 senior teams, 4 under 15 years boys and 4 girls all played football. In the next fellowships basketball, netball and volleyball will be included. By the help of the Lord we JIFAN Association sponsored this fellowship fully. We had to invite the entire community to this 3 days Community Empowerment Fellowship – CEF. We played for three days, and sharing the love of God was the focus and other subjects were centered on how we can developed our lives and the community at large and we concluded by an emphasis on working as a progressive team in peace, unity and love for God’s glory. The Chief was excited because community empowerment fellowship has never been conducted in his area. And its so encouraging to us JIFAN Association seeing that people enjoyed and impacted by the fellowship and the community leadership called for more community fellowships. Praise God that the erea Councillor and the member of parliament have even promised to Be Involved in JIFAN Association’s projects in Western Province. Pray that people of this Afumba community will continue growing in thier faith in Christ Jesus. Pray for Western province JIFAN Association leadership. Pray that by God’s grace through our God given 7 Life-Community sustainable developmental projects Western province will be created healthier, wealthier and safer for God’s glory

May God continue blessing nations through us for His glory.

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Lazarous Mankel Chongo