Safe Water Access For Afumba Community


When JIFAN Association started its life improving projects in Afumba community, the entire community didn’t have safe and clean drinking water. They used to drink from the river, where they wash, swim and shared with animals.

At the clinic the borehole was not working, which used to help over 400 households in the community, it was terrible. It was dirty at the clinic, and instruments were not clean and lots of diahearrial cases were recorded. During rain season, when clouds are heavy it was a joy of the community not only because the rains will water their crops but also as the source of clean water. Rain drops was hope for clean drinking water. Everyone was happy in the community when it started to rain, they put out water buckets in the rain to collect some clean drinking water.

It was the period we had cholera out break in Lusaka, Zambia. We were so scared that cholera may reach Afumba also. We called for public meeting in the community and gave IEC on prevention of cholera: boiling water for drinking, washing hands with soap after using the toilet and before eating, warm food before eating etc. We never got tired to educate the community preventive measures even after the meeting, we continue to share with anyone whenever we had chance. While doing that, we also kept on looking for help for source of clean and safe water for the community. We gave prayer requests to friends and family. We had to write letters to district medical office (DHO) and council office. We never stopped knocking at the doors of those two offices, every month reminding them of water criss in our community Afumba. Five months later DHO responded and brought us a spare part for the borehole at the clinic. This was a prayer answered for the community and to friends and family who prayed.

Don’t just pray, do something, keep knocking. That was the result of persistence and prayers. Today we have clean and safe drinking water in Afumba. It’s clean at the clinic and Diarrhoea cases reduced in the community.

The borehole at the clinic is working well and 3 more boreholes were drilled for the community through council office. Praise God!!! The community is getting healthier, wealthier and safer for God’s glory.

Pure Water Muli Lesa

JIFAN Association Int