Skills Developement

  • Skill development is all about developing yourself so your skill adds more value to your life, your country and your own desired career development.
  • Skill development helps us to start and further our education.
  • Skills open up many more doors to us. We will be able to consider things that never seemed possible before such as more dreams, job opportunities, the ability¬† to get out of poverty and achieve new levels of personal success, which in turn impacts our communities globally.
  • Skills make you more confident, responsible and independent in life and are essential for success and more breakthroughs.

In this world one can be exposed to millions of different types of skills that can help him/her to succeed at all aspects of his/her life and impact the society, but as JIFAN Association we are more focusing on these seven (7) types of skills:

  1. Life Skills
  2. Team Skills
  3. Job/Career Skills
  4. Professional Skills
  5. Personal Development Skills
  6. Analytical Skills
  7. Servant Leadership Skills