Social Empowerment

In the JIFAN Association we seek to help people understand their rights for autonomy and give them a sense of self respect. We aim to do this in order to improve the relationships in our communities and so empower our society.

We seek “in every way to encourage and motivate people to healthy interaction” – JIFAN

JIFAN Association’s goal is to equip individuals with the interpersonal skills required to develop healthy relationships, handle conflict effectively and treat everyone they meet with respect and dignity.

We use community gatherings and social events to help individuals realise their capacity for such relationship. We encourage all to get involved in any social activity that might take their interest and keep them active, both physically and in a community of people.

Below are some seven (7) examples of good social activities to get involved in:

1) Sports and Games

2) Large Group Meals

3) Celebrations of People (birthdays etc.)

4) Dance and Music Gatherings

5) Art and Craft Groups

6) Community Improvement Events

(7) Encourage Empathy, Caring and Compassion